22 Jan 2008
New Report on Future Energy Scenarios in the GCC

A new report titled "Future Energy Scenarios exploring the energy challenges and opportunities in the GCC" has been released by the 'International Energy Group' (IEG), part of the Dubai based business conglomerate S.S. Lootah Group.

The 83- page report puts the spotlight on 'Green' Buildings in addition to alternative energy potential like thin film PV, wind and nuclear power. The report says that electric cooling represents 70% of the peak capacity generated, and presents a host of emerging technologies that will soon become viable solutions in improving the efficiency of this sector like Solar cooling, Distributed Generation, Tri-generation and Quad-generation (Simultaneous production of power, heat, cooling and desalinated water respectively). In addition, the report also examines reducing green house emissions in the transportation sector.

The report is the first of its kind where it presents an array of possible approaches and solutions taking into consideration the geo-economic and social challenges specific to this region with a local perspective and accordingly integrates clean and renewable energy sources with finite energy sources that provide sustainable performance at a viable cost to consumer.

Eng. Yahya Lootah, President and CEO of International Energy Group commented, "Green Buildings result in energy savings of up to 70%. The resolution to adopt green building standards passed by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai is a pioneering step towards the adoption of advanced energy technologies. With initiatives like MASDAR in Abu Dhabi and ENPARK in Dubai, the UAE, guided by visionary leadership, is set to lead the world in future energy technologies.&rdquo

"The future of advanced energy technologies rests on the sincere collaborative efforts made by engineers, manufacturers, businesses, environmentalists, governments and policy makers ,all being equal partners in this historic task. The UAE has led the region with a number of pioneering projects in utilizing natural gas to cater to residential, commercial and industrial energy needs. We are proud to have contributed to these alternative, economic and clean energy infrastructure projects among others in Asia, Africa and Europe," added Eng. Yahya Lootah.

The International Energy Group (IEG), with its panel of certified experts is the first international advanced energy technologies alliance operating out of Dubai and the only private sector entity operating in this domain.

About International Energy Group

The International Energy Group (IEG), part of the Dubai based business conglomerate S.S. Lootah Group, is a strategic alliance of international companies in the energy sector that came into being in September, 2005. The IEG alliance has been formed to act as a catalyst for advanced energy technologies in the Middle East region and beyond and has successfully developed and managed commercially viable clean and renewable energy projects in the region. IEG is based in Dubai, UAE, and provides an entire gamut of sustainable project management solutions, from Energy infrastructure and efficiency to specific industry focused applications, as well as water and energy efficiency integration and LEED certification consulting

About S.S. Lootah International

S.S. Lootah International (SSLI), the global business and investment arm of the Dubai-based conglomerate S.S. Lootah Group, focuses on innovative and eco-friendly entrepreneurial initiatives and projects that cater to national and regional economic growth and delivers tangible, economic, social and environmental benefits. Envisioned in 1999, SSLI has made quick strides to become a key entity handling multi-billion dollar development projects catering to more than 3 billion people from Asia to Africa and Europe. SSLI will continue to build progressive alliances with key stakeholders across various industries (energy, construction, industrial, telecommunications, environmental research and sustainable development sectors) and pursue knowledge creation and sustainable models across all its business endeavors. Please visit www.sslootahinternational.com for comprehensive details.