Islamic School for Training and Education

Established in 1983, the Islamic School for Training & Education hasgroomed many generations right from the age of childhood up to the age of adulthood. The students are educated in such a way that they are able to comprehend the Islamic principles and values, both in thought and conduct, and in the building of a balanced physical, mental and spiritual personality.

Haj Saeed Bin Ahmed Al Lootah, the founder of the schools believes that academic achievement of an individual cannot and should not be measured by the amount of knowledge or information that he has gathered.

It should rather be measured by how much his knowledge has helped him in developing the spirit of research and innovation and how much he has benefited from it in practical life.

The philosophy of the school system is based on preparing graduates to pursue further adult education while contributing to the economy with the competency learning acquired. Graduates at the age of 16 (Sen Al Takleef) are competent contributors to the economy in key sectors like construction, trading, Islamic banking, IT among others.

The Islamic School for Training and Education has been widely recognized by many - leaders, prominent personalities, government ministers and education experts from all over the world. Today, more schools are established in Sudan and SriLanka to serve the community aspirations of growth and prosperity.

Philosophy of the school based on:
  • Islamic Upbringing
  • Useful and Fruitful Education appropriate to age
  • Firm Grounding in Standard Arabic
  • Shortening the Study Period from age of 6-16

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Who we are?

  • Established in Dubai in 1956
  • First contracting company in UAE
  • First medical College in UAE
  • First Islamic bank in the world

Contact Us

  • P.O Box: 41033, Dubai - United Arab Emirates

  • Phone: (+971) 4 2099 100

  • Phone: (+971) 4 2125 000

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